Be the Change You Want to See: Taking it to an Extreme

Rather than telling the likes of Koch they should change, replace them.
I see Space X one example of what it takes to embody and implement change.

In the case of Space X, they are working hard to go beyond, (and thus replace,) United Launch Alliance (ULA). ULA is a conglomerate of companies leftover from the heydays of our space program. They are not simply stuck in the past, but actively seeking to stay there.

In the case of automobiles , Tesla is working to replace all of the gasoline fueled cars. They may or may not get big enough to replace the big auto makers, but they have built the path to change.

Then there is Solar City. They are working to replacing centralized electric utilities with distributed solar collection and storage. Home owners and business become providers and users.

Finally there is the case of Renaissance Coop. A community in Greensboro NC was being neglected by corporate grocery chains. They were reliant on small low quality and over prices groceries. Thus they raised venture funds through crowd sourcing and are creating their own supermarket.

There is more work to be done… by all who dare.

“People wait’n on a change,,, ain’t got sense enough to com’n out’ta the rain.” — Parliament